New National LCL Export Tariff

Good morning everyone,


Following on from my comments re Maersk Spot last week, I thought I would let you know that I had 149 emails from Forwarders in direct response to its content.

I was actually staggered by the anecdotal evidence pertaining to others experiences and the 100% positive feedback I was given.

Some said I had big cohunes’ , others said it was about time someone called out shipping lines/carriers blatant profiteering during the past 2 years and the seeming new trend to try and push the Freight Forwarders out.

All I would say is that the day they can provide a better service to direct customers than the Aussie and Kiwi Forwarders do, ill eat my damned hat……

One asked why I would stick my neck out so far and I thought id comment on that; I’ve been around in this Industry for a bloody life time (well nearly) I am married to it, in New Zealand I was one of the Industry founders.

I am passionate about it and that’s why I’m prepared to stick that neck out and call s..t out. I’m not worried about being cancelled because I really don’t give a damn what a few knockers may think.


So what else would you like me to share comment about ?

Let me know and ill do my research and use my platform to alert the industry Nationwide.


Now on to the new April National LCL Export Tariff, its done and is ready to be downloaded from the below link;


wishing you a fantastic day ahead

Lance Evans and the bloody fantastic Mac-nels Evans Export Seafreight team

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